About Us

WhiteBox Business Solutions is a multi-disciplinary advisory and management services team.

We serve leaders in Enterprises who aim to drive improved business outcomes through the optimal use of technology and related services.

We also provide strategy, management and growth advice to Technology Service Providers who serve Enterprise customers across global markets. 

Our mission is to drive your agenda of growth, optimization, continuous improvement and better management of business outcomes. We supplement your management width and depth through our multi-disciplined expertise and multi-location presence. Our engagements and interventions are customized, with a clear focus on improvement of results from your business programmes. 

Our expertise Practices are each led by a member of our core team, bringing 25 years or more of industry experience alongside globally recognized certifications in their specialist area. Each Practice has granularly defined Services to offer, which are targeted to address the challenges of the Business Imperatives that you are addressing.

We bring the right blend of expertise,  operational experience, cultural diversity and global presence  to supplement your own management team and strengths, all neccessary to achieve the business impact, relevance and results that you seek.

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