“…..driving massive change… exposure to transformation, ability to question the existing methods and seek new paths. It was important to have the right kind of mindset for us to bring about sweeping changes that would deliver hard results and not be an exercise in futility. The outcome was very satisfying.”

“…..was the perfect change agent….spend the time to listen to the problem, assisted in the development of actions, and supported his staff in the development of new processes and created/measured the outcomes to proved that we were all on the same page. A great manager …”

 “…..provided services to us in projects with challenging deadlines in relation with tight budgets…a creative worker with large flexibility and a clear view on deliverables in time and within budget…a great understanding how to manage business in a multicultural environment across the globe. It was a pleasure for me to work both from a personal and a business point of view.”

“…..contracted by my Department at the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to instigate an enterprise architecture programme…led a small team, working between Mumbai and Geneva to develop the basic architecture document, including initiating a set of key policies…grasp of the subject is excellent…ability to work with both management and technical resources was a real asset…”

“…..added a level of leadership and competence to our team…built competent team to recommend and implement standards, improvements and capabilities that were lacking in the 1200 person development organization…enabled me to focus more on equally critical areas of our business.” 

“……found him to be knowledgeable and true to his word, including during the storms, and a man that understood our needs completely….a reliable partner focused on strong results.”

“…..backs his excellent technical understanding with a very practical go-getter approach…brought to the table a unique and critical blend of technical and domain appreciation….depth and versatility were in abundant evidence as we detailed out the Architectural Road map. Extremely erudite, thorough to a fault…”

“…..mature, intelligent and creative…led teams to success…by quickly understanding what requires to be done and how it has to be done…ability to strategize and communicate clearly to all stakeholders including cross cultural teams…comfortable to work with, trustworthy, efficient and very knowledgeable…experience includes…Programme management and Operations, Quality management, Resource management including staff training and knowledge management, Vendor management, Project management”

“…..one of the finest quality and program/project leader…understanding of the subject, passion for bringing about the awareness and seeing through improvements to fruition are signs of a determined leader…proactive contributor in every aspect of business technology and brings vast experiences to the table that has benefited the company, her peers and team…dedicated and diligent person…skills on the quality initiatives will benefit any organisation.”

“…..mastery in managing large programmes, ODCs, JVs…process management and client management skills…establish and grow many ODCs”

“…..very systematic and methodical…penchant for planning, lot of preparing, researching before executing…full justice to the work…eye for details and passion to get things done stand out…good with people”

“…..so much clarity of thought and knows how to articulate the solution for the most complex issues in very simple terms…grasp on numbers and relationship skills continue to amaze me.”

 “…..deep understanding and knowledge…simple lucid way…connects well with CIOs and CTOs…relationships with customers who put a lot of trust on him…a great asset…add value to any engagement and in whatever role he plays.” 

 “…..impressed with commitment to the common goals…highly valuable technical input, and capacity to act as catalyst and moderator…”

“…..great program management…zeal and passion to drive things to ensure the big picture and overall program objectives are not lost any time…”

Manage Outcomes