Outsourcing Vendor Management

Managing programmes across geographically dispersed and culturally diverse centres can increase the risks to the success of such multi-location outsourcing programmes. We offer management strength, which is globally dispersed, culturally aligned and with extensive delivery and programme management experience, to support your agenda.

In addition to Outsourcing Programme Assessments and Reviews, we also provide Global Outsourcing Programme Management, on an on-going basis, with unique strengths in India. We conduct the outsourcing programme management and programme office services, for your India service locations, whether insourced or outsourced, on your behalf.

This service supplements and aligns key strengths to your team – expertise, experience, local and affordable, while minimizing the overheads of travel, communication and diversity. The outcomes positively impacted are tactical and strategic:

  • Planning local management of the outsourcing programme, its KPIs, the hooks for governance, to align with industry best practices
  • Operating as your extended local project office, for KPI monitoring, financial accounting, resource management and information management.
  • Monitoring the global outsourcing plan through ongoing reviews, to ensure plan is on track, and remains well interlocked to the corporate Portfolio and Project Management office.
  • ¬†Managing specific service delivery centres and projects, for improving outcomes based on identified¬† rescue and improvement recommendations

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