Metrics Driven Analysis

Business demands continuous improvement and a differentiated competitive edge. It is no surprise that more business and technology leaders want to dispassionately baseline their present state and contrast it against poeers. This can be a complex exercise with complexity often driven by organisation structure, multiple services providers and delivery centres. Benchmarking your IT Services against the top quartile peer group offers value to make far reaching decisions and setting […]

Business Growth Advisory

The ever changing world of technology, and its impact on business, creates a myriad challenges for technology service providers. To keep growing is an imperative of business survival. Often uniquely suited experience and independent counsel is required to clearly define the challenges of growth, articulate and define growth initiates and to drive programs for results. In the ever changing world of technology, business leaders […]

Value Optimization

With extensive experience of  the IT services provider side, as also the enterprise side, we bring deep understanding on the relationship and its nuances. The commercial terms and contracts, the pricing, costing and value of services, the areas of risk and the areas of potential optimization.  We supplement our capabilities with one of the best specialists in the field of metrics driven analysis of IT […]

Transition Management

A changeover from one state to another is the norm, not the exception. The strategy of outsourcing to specialist providers, setting up captive or shared services centers, onshore or offshore, have been commonplace over the past few decades now. The decision to change, consolidate or integrate the present service delivery model or provider is driven by a case for better outcomes, […]

Standards Compliance

SEI CMM The CMMi (Capability Maturity Model) is a process improvement model that provides a set of industry-recognized practices to address productivity, performance, costs and stakeholder satisfaction in the systems engineering and software development process. It helps your organization examine the effectiveness of processes, establishes priorities for improvement, & helps you implement these improvements. It […]

Productivity Assessment

People are the most indispensable assets in an IT organization, and there is increasing focus on understanding the ROI on human capital, understanding cause and effect. Performance Measurement is the process of measuring efficiency, effectiveness and capability, of an action or a process or a system, against given norm or target. Effectiveness is a measure […]

Process Assessment

The quality of a software product is only as good as the process used to develop and maintain it. Whether a software organization is competing in the marketplace or trying to satisfy internal requirements, its software process is a critical success factor. Well thought out improvements to the process will significantly contribute to the organization’s […]

Outsourcing Governance

Irrespective of the implementation model of a global delivery programme, there are additional governance challenges. The factors to be considered multiply many-fold in a global multi-sourcing model, as compared to a global shared service model, because there are multiple organisations and their business cultures to be considered, in addition to multiple locations and local cultures. Very often, these […]

Outsourcing Assessment

Recent studies have shown that more than half the enterprises remain dissatisfied with the outcomes achieved from their outsourcing programmes. Your remote service delivery models can range from “insourcing” to a captive dedicated offshore facility, to outsourcing service delivery to multiple offshore vendors. Your plans may include green field build outs or acquisition of service capacity and Centres of Excellence. An independent assessment of the state […]

Manage Outcomes