Process Assessment

The quality of a software product is only as good as the process used to develop and maintain it. Whether a software organization is competing in the marketplace or trying to satisfy internal requirements, its software process is a critical success factor. Well thought out improvements to the process will significantly contribute to the organization’s performance.

A Software Process Assessment is a catalyst for initiating meaningful process improvement and can help your organization break through the barriers that constrain quality and productivity. It will allow you to establish and focus a process improvement program that will result in increased customer satisfaction, lower development and maintenance costs and reduced cycle time

A software process assessment is an objective self- appraisal of an organization’s software development capability. We conduct a process assessment as a collaborative effort, involving your software professionals in all assessment activities so that all participants gain a common understanding of the current software process and reach consensus on the critical process issues.

Our engagements include, one or many of the following constituents:

  • Consulting- on CMMi, Quality Management Systems, Information Security Management Systems, IT Infrastructure Management Systems
  • Training on these standards
  • QMS Documentation –  Development/Refinement
  • Auditing – Pre-Assessments, CMMi, CISA, ISO, ITIL, SOX, BASEL
  • Metrics – Development, Management, Reporting
  • Decision Analysis & Reporting
  • Defect Prevention –  Root Cause Analysis
  • Assessments – CMMi, ISO, COBIT

Key take aways:

  • Independent findings identifying strengths and weaknesses of the current software process.
  • A profile of the current process relative to best practices in industry.
  • A sound basis for developing a strategic improvement plan.
  • For organizations seeking CMMi or ISO 9001 registration, a starting point for efficiently implementing the standard’s requirements.

Manage Outcomes