Standards Compliance


The CMMi (Capability Maturity Model) is a process improvement model that provides a set of industry-recognized practices to address productivity, performance, costs and stakeholder satisfaction in the systems engineering and software development process. It helps your organization examine the effectiveness of processes, establishes priorities for improvement, & helps you implement these improvements. It is different in that the CMMI provides an integrated, consistent, enduring framework for enterprise-wide process improvement and can accommodate new initiatives as future needs are identified. The Standard CMMI Appraisal Method for Process Improvement (SCAMPI) is the official SEI method to provide benchmark-quality ratings relative to CMMI models.


The intent of IT governance and the overriding aim behind CobiT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies) is to align IT to business needs to ensure that IT supports and extends the organization’s objectives and strategies. More and more companies are turning to IT governance to provide clear direction in ensuring that information and technology investments support the business imperatives. CobiT is a powerful, comprehensive framework for IT governance that has gained international recognition and usage precisely because it deals with every aspect of IT. The scope of a CobiT assessment can be comprehensive (looking at all processes and detailed control objectives), thematic (looking only at specific processes), by domain or a single process.

ISO 27001

The key objective of ISO 27001 is to make sure that confidentiality, integrity, and availability is ensured for critical data assets. It ensures customer confidence, aiding in compliance and regulation, addressing internal and external security risks and promotes internal effectiveness. 


CMM Integrated

  • Implementation Review Readiness check (Pre-assessment – SCAMPI B, C methodology)


  •  Measurable milestones with CobiT domain-by-domain and process-by-process.
  • Provision of clear, concise reports for management
  • Assessment results to build an action plan by leveraging industry best practices.

ISO 27001 

  • Review & Audit Report
  • Non compliances & recommendations

Manage Outcomes