Technology Selection

IT Leaders are bombarded with a plethora of new disruptive technologies and solutions. With the increasing availability of Cloud based applications (SaaS), business consumerization and use of smart devices is rapidly rising. In this environment, it becomes imperative that the IT Leaders equip themselves with analytical tools to wade through the clutter and take strategic decisions for the adoption of new technologies and solutions. This exercise can be best done in collaboration with the business users, and not in isolation, as it is a critical aspect of Enterprise Architecture Governance. 

We help IT Leaders and CIOs to juxtapose the following

  • Changing business scenario
  • The concerns expressed by end-users
  • Maintainability of the IT landscape
  • Apprise CIO and his team of pros and cons of new technologies and solutions
  • Advise on pragmatic choices for new technologies and new solutions
  • Vendor management issues

How we do it:

We help define the clear criteria for adoption of new technology, such as

  • Technology maturity and adoption challenges 
  • Business impact and need 
  • The impact on TCO 
  • Availability and need for skills to manage and maintain 

Adoption of a new solution

  • Vendor credentials
  • History of usage in similar organizations
  • Ease of customization
  • The required learning curve
  • Will the new solution fit into the existing IT landscape?
    • Ease of interfacing
    • Security considerations
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Easy availability of trained manpower for customization and training

What Benefit is Delivered

By including the business users as equal partners in the process of adoption of new technologies and selection of new systems, there is an increase in the organization-wide acceptance – a non-trivial issue facing the CIO and his team. Other benefits are reduced cost of ownership and training costs as well as a manageable IT portfolio.

Manage Outcomes