Design & Estimation

Design of an application is crucial for accurate estimation of the overall effort. Needless to say, the effort estimation plays an important role in project sizing, project planning and resource management. Unfortunately, in most instances, the application designers do not participate in the project planning stage.  We offer design and estimation advice for new bespoke application development projects, […]

Business Technology Roadmap

Based on the outcomes from Business Drivers Workshops, mapping of the present IT infrastructure and the Application Portfolio Analysis, we provide independent analysis and recommendations on the “to-be” architecture blue print and a roadmap for the journey from the present state. This includes an assessment of the alignment between Business and Technology, the guidelines for decision making in further technology and […]

Technology Selection

IT Leaders are bombarded with a plethora of new disruptive technologies and solutions. With the increasing availability of Cloud based applications (SaaS), business consumerization and use of smart devices is rapidly rising. In this environment, it becomes imperative that the IT Leaders equip themselves with analytical tools to wade through the clutter and take strategic decisions for the adoption of […]

Manage Outcomes