Metrics Driven Analysis

Business demands continuous improvement and a differentiated competitive edge. It is no surprise that more business and technology leaders want to dispassionately baseline their present state and contrast it against poeers. This can be a complex exercise with complexity often driven by organisation structure, multiple services providers and delivery centres. Benchmarking your IT Services against the top quartile peer group offers value to make far reaching decisions and setting improvement and optimization goals.



Our partner, ImprovIT is a specialist consultancy, who identifies savings and performance improvements in business technology usage, through their rigorous metrics driven analysis methodology, benchmarking like for like using their regularly updated real world IT services data.

 Whitepaper – Why use a specialist IT benchmarking consultancy

The problems addressed include: 

  • Comparison between internal or external cost and service against peer organisations
  • Determination of which services are better delivered internally or externally
  • Examination of staffing levels and productivity measures
  • Insight into appropriate Service Levels and Service Offerings
  • Trends for the coming years to aid budgeting
  • Assessment of new technologies and methods
  • Shared Services analysis of decision drivers  

The element-level benchmarking methodology allows for a wide range of issues to be assessed: 


Value for Money reviews of software development and support contracts

Project efficiency reviews of software development projects 

Effectiveness assessments of internal or external software support

Outsourcing/market pricing assessments to identify cost savings


Value for money assessments of outsource contracts

Efficiency and effectiveness assessments of internal IT services

Project efficiency reviews of infrastructure projects

Assessments targeting opportunities for cost savings

Sourcing Design and Decisions:

Most suitable sourcing model

Insource vs. Outsource, Vendor Rationalisation

IT Organization Structure and Size

Budgeting and Planning IT Spend

Compliance Reporting and Submissions

 For Technology Service Providers:

Best price, competitive bids and value offerings

Best practice, minimizing complexity

Service delivery modelling

Internal cost model optimization

Manage Outcomes