Business Technology Roadmap

Based on the outcomes from Business Drivers Workshops, mapping of the present IT infrastructure and the Application Portfolio Analysis, we provide independent analysis and recommendations on the “to-be” architecture blue print and a roadmap for the journey from the present state. This includes an assessment of the alignment between Business and Technology, the guidelines for decision making in further technology and solution choices.

What we do: 

  • Analyze the inputs received in the Business Drivers workshops
  • Freezing as-is and to-be architecture – creation of a blueprint
  • Firm up on a roadmap dependent on salient policies as well as the architecture governace guidelines.

How we do it:

We arrive at architecture principles and the architecture vision through:

  • Identify pain points with current IT environment through a SWOT analysis
  • Understand the current IT systems and processes through Portfolio Analysis and projects in WIP stage.

Leading to ‘gaps’ in present architecture by

  • Understanding  IT needs and expectations from IT for different business functions, units and departments
  • By analyzing the Architectural vision, Management speak and using our knowledge of industry best practices

We create a roadmap by grouping existing and proposed systems in the following sequential manner:

  • Applications with High Strategic Value, Low Operational Impact
  • Applications with High Strategic Value, High Operational Impact
  • Applications with Low Strategic Value, High Operational Impact
  • Applications with Low Strategic Value, Low Operational Impact

Key take aways:

  • Business Aligned Technology Roadmap
  • IT Policies to guide technology choices
  • Architecture Governance guidelines

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