Outsourcing Governance

Irrespective of the implementation model of a global delivery programme, there are additional governance challenges. The factors to be considered multiply many-fold in a global multi-sourcing model, as compared to a global shared service model, because there are multiple organisations and their business cultures to be considered, in addition to multiple locations and local cultures. Very often, these complexities can result in a derailment of the outsourcing programme.

We provide localized independent outsourcing programme management, specialists in the local geography, to conduct outsourcing programme governance reviews. We study your overall global outsourcing initiative and independently assess the state of service delivery provider, using our Outsourcing Programme Health Check framework (OPHCF), within the context of your overall global outsourcing programme. Trouble-spots, barriers and improvement opportunities for the programme get highlighted based on the objectives set out for the review.

Such reviews can be conducted at any time during the course of the outsourcing program to assess key areas impacting the overall success of the programme. We engage with you either as an independent third party expert reviewer or as an extension of your outsourcing programme governance team to conduct continual governance reviews, flag exceptions and identify improvement opportunities.

Outsourcing Programme Reviews can be especially useful when you require local management for:

  • Periodic location specific evaluation of the outsourcing programme
  • Deep diving with local teams to understand and monitor local ‘on the ground’ situations
  • Enabling location specific “buy in” for upcoming changes
  • Regular liaison with local IT governance bodies for regulations and audits
  • Regular reviews to confirm compliance to governance frameworks, contracts and policies
  • Evaluation of service delivery and prioritise improvement initiatives
  • Ensure alignment to strategy and maximise synergy.   

The engagements can be range to deliver outcomes in one of the following manners:

  • Conduct independent one-off reviews for a specific purpose. This could be for:
    • Onetime assessment of improvement and optimization opportunities
    • Managing multi-organizational conflicts
    • Recommending programme rescue roadmap
  • Engage as your local independent expert to conduct your periodic outsourcing governance reviews and flag exceptions
  • Operate as your extended local project office for tracking and reporting, financial accounting, information management and resource management
  • Engage to implement specific actions resulting out of the recommendations to improve or rescue the outsourcing programme.
  • Coach and mentor your local outsourcing programme and project management team, in case you have such teams or individuals deployed at the service delivery centre.

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