WhiteBox Business Solutions are objective and independent in the provision of Services, using our ASSET framework of Assess, Support and Supervise to Improve and Manage Outcomes from your Enterprise Technology decisions and operations. This approach is designed to address the challenges facing you in your ongoing and new IT Initiatives.  Our services are categorized by the key objective they address in this journey to helping you achieve the desired outcomes. Assess category of services aim at discovering the state of play of your IT metrics, costs, productivity, infrastructure, programmes, outsourcing relationships, software development and support processes, quality assurance processes, the present state of your CRM deployment, and so on. 

Support category of service are aimed at developing plans, workshops and trainings, identifying areas of risk and potential improvement, and developing remediation plans for these.

Supervise category of services is where we make the biggest difference. We work alongside your managers and independently with your vendors, to bring our operational experience and multi-location presence to work for your corner.

Enterprise category of services target business and technology alignment, application portfolios and lifecycle planning, workshoping with your teams and the business units, if so required, to elicit the business drivers for the technology road map and the enterprise architecture.

Technology category services aim to help you with technology evaluation decisions, measuring and benchmarking the key metrics of your infrastructure, assist with planning and budgeting, and so on. 

The Services portfolio under each category is structured modularly to enable ease of problem definition and scope construction. To read about each of the services, aligned by the above categories, please hover on the Services menu tab for a category-wise drop down list.

Manage Outcomes