Business Technology Alignment

We undertake to carry out Business Technology workshops, to understand different imperatives across the organization. This is a primary step towards building a business aligned IT infrastructure. In context are Compliance driven requirements, gaps in the present IT infrastructure in meeting the business needs. We would also assess competing scenarios, and present architecture and technology inputs and advice, keeping in mind practical and pragmatic views on use of new technology, while providing an independent view of the business drivers and their  implications on the technology.  

What we do:

Conduct Workshops and one-on-one meetings at distinct levels with the business

  • With executive management to understand boardroom technology imperatives
  • With end-user groups to understand present gaps and future needs

The typical takeaways from such interactions provides an independent view on:

  • Clarity on strategic, operational and end-user imperatives
  • Creation of Key Success Factors for IT
  • Inputs to the creation of a to-be IT architecture blueprint

What the workshops and interactions entail:

The primary objective of Business Technology Workshops is to gather inputs across the organization both from the senior management and end-user groups.

The inputs from the executive management relate to:

  • Organic growth areas
    • New LoBs
    • New geographical expansions
    • New product launches
  • Inorganic growth
    • Mergers
    • Acquisitions

The inputs from the end-users cover:

  • Existing operational difficulties
  • Future IT needs
  • Any inadequacies in handling compliance needs 

The data gathered at the workshops and meetings is classified as described above, and used to analyze and deduce the critical success factors. In the Enterprise Architecture parlance, the Architecture Vision is created. Some organizations call these success factors as organizational KRAs. In consultation with the IT Leaders, these KRAs are converted into SLAs between the IT and Business groups using the concept of Business Capabilities. At this juncture, various technology choices are presented to the organization, as an outcome of this independent exercise.

Manage Outcomes