Transition Management

A changeover from one state to another is the norm, not the exception. The strategy of outsourcing to specialist providers, setting up captive or shared services centers, onshore or offshore, have been commonplace over the past few decades now. The decision to change, consolidate or integrate the present service delivery model or provider is driven by a case for better outcomes, but delayed or denied in the face of management risks and challenges. 

There are potentially several variations, each requiring careful transition planning and management. A few possible scenarios:      


  • Changeover from service provider to inhouse
  • Change over from inhouse to third party onsite


  • Changeover from onsite to offsite within organization
  • Changeover from internal to external third party offsite
  • Changeover from one offsite third party to another – increasing trend

To help manage the transition or integration of service providers, from concept, case, detailed planning and management of such transition, we help address the specialist needs and capability gaps, to minimize the risks associated with such a programme: 

  • Perform a quick transition analysis
  • Provide independent expertise, insights and input to decision making
  • Speed up the outsourcing  or insourcing transition process
  • Minimize business disruption risks
  • Absorb workload peaks by managing your  transition

 We bring decades of transition planning and management experience, with our team of consultants having worked with several global clients in the following transition areas: 

  • Portfolio analysis
  • Outsourcing mix and suitability analysis
  • Organisation and Supplier capacity and capability analysis
  • Developing outsourcing / in-sourcing roadmaps
  • Creating transition plans
  • Infrastructure planning and expansion
  • Identifying knowledge repositories and managing knowledge transfers
  • Reviewing third party agreements
  • Reviewing current provider obligations
  • Analytical reporting and mapping
  • Managing changeover and cutover 

We engage to strengthen your management capability, with our specialist knowledge and experience. The initial stages involve understanding the needs, the timescales and the  work envisaged. In addition we provide independent and unbiased views on the organisation, culture, work practices, skills and experience required to ensure a well managed transition. Our engagements are customized to the skills and locations involved, the complexity and time required for the transition.

Manage Outcomes