Value Optimization

With extensive experience of  the IT services provider side, as also the enterprise side, we bring deep understanding on the relationship and its nuances. The commercial terms and contracts, the pricing, costing and value of services, the areas of risk and the areas of potential optimization. 

We supplement our capabilities with one of the best specialists in the field of metrics driven analysis of IT costs and performance.   

Assessments we provide to our clients are well-rounded, covering a range of commercial, portfolio, architectecture, programme and process management perspectives. The services available to our clients from other consultants range from vendor selection, negotiation and contracting, but often do not include the insights or the inside track on the business model of the services delivery provider. We offer a value optimization service, wherein we analyse several different area, to ultimately focus on maximizing the value from your IT spends, investments and relationships.

To supplement our capability mix, we partner with a few well chosen specialist organizations, to bring IT benchmarking, auditing and reconciliation services, with the focus on ensuring that you are truly getting the best value from your IT providers, as also from inhouse teams. In the event of gaps elicited from the peer benchmarking or audits conducted, we provide deeper assessments into areas which promise the potential of optimization. In combination with our other services, we help plan, train and workshop for the successful execution of these optimizations. We work with you and your vendors, locally and at their service delivery centres, if so required.

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