Outsourcing Assessment

Recent studies have shown that more than half the enterprises remain dissatisfied with the outcomes achieved from their outsourcing programmes. Your remote service delivery models can range from “insourcing” to a captive dedicated offshore facility, to outsourcing service delivery to multiple offshore vendors. Your plans may include green field build outs or acquisition of service capacity and Centres of Excellence. An independent assessment of the state of your remote services delivery can add significant value towards the achivement of your business case. 

With decades of remote delivery service management expertise, we offer an independent one-off assessment of your outsourcing programme, analysing the key areas impacting the overall success of the outsourcing programme.  Such assessments are useful when you require specialist objective views, to:

  • Identifying global outsourcing improvement and optimization opportunities, to improve customer satisfaction, turnaround times, optimized programme and project costs
  • Easing multi-supplier conflicts resulting to improve end-to-end business processes
  • Pragmatic programme rescue roadmaps, resulting in improved strategic alignment of the global outsourcing initiative

We first study of your overall global outsourcing initiative, before assessing the state of your service delivery provider, using our Outsourcing Programme Health Check Framework (OPHCF). Trouble-spots, barriers and improvement opportunities for the programme and service delivery centres are highlighted. The OPHCF primarily consists of the following stages:

  • Establish the review context
  • Prepare the candidate stakeholders
  • Plan the evidence gathering process
  • Collect evidence
  • Identify gap areas
  • Make clear recommendations and advise next steps
  • Record and report review results
  • Follow through on recommendations (optional)

 The assessment or health-check, seeks to provide an independent experience driven view of:

  • The existence of an optimized business case for outsourcing
  • Structure and capability of the outsourcing programme organisation
  • Clarity of the outsourcing strategy, blueprint and plan
  • Sufficiency of all stakeholder engagements
  • Monitoring and control of transitions and ongoing projects
  • Accrual of benefits for the outsourcing  offshoring programme
  • Risk, issues and escalation management for the outsourcing programme
  • Assurance with regard to the implementation of the quality strategy
  • Compliance to relevant legislative requirements

Manage Outcomes